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How to Replace a Front Brake Caliper (93-97 Toyota Corolla)

Replacing your 1993-1997 Toyota Corolla’s front brake caliper may seem like a daunting project, but honestly, aside from the time necessary for replacing the brake caliper, it is quite doable for all you DIY-ers out there. Follow the steps in this guide and you will soon become your Toyota Corolla’s master brake caliper replacer.

Toyota Corolla Front Caliper

Toyota Corolla Front Caliper

• Step 1- To start with, make sure you have all your necessary tools for the project at hand. You do not want to be halfway through the project and realize that you are missing something, and have no way of driving away to gather what you forgot. After getting the correct tools and supplies, go ahead and lift your vehicle. Remember to use proper jacking techniques and jack stands, to ensure your working environment is a safe one.
• Step 2- Make sure to turn your wheel your direction, for whichever side you are working on. Then remove the tire. You should now be seeing your brake caliper, and when you do, go ahead and remove the upper and lower bolts that are holding it.
• Step 3- You can now remove the brake line that is connected to your Toyota Corolla’s brake caliper. You should try to buy brake lines plugs, in order to keep the fluid from leaking out completely and in order to keep the brake fluid from being contaminated by the air.
• Step 4- Now is the time to pull out the new brake caliper. Bolt it on before reattaching the brake line. Once it is installed, you can now reattach the brake line. Understand, it is very important to add the two new copper rings, in order to prevent any leaks. It is also good to keep in mind that you should not over-tighten the line, but rather, just enough to keep it sealed.
• Step 5- Make sure to fill up your brake fluid container, so that you can bleed the air out. If you have a self-bleeder, then that is good. If you don’t however, you should enlist the help of a friend. While you are tightening and opening the bleeder, you should have your friend pushing the pedal to the ground. This will push all the air out of the end of the brake line and the caliper.
• Step 6- Keep in mind while you are doing this part of the project, that you shouldn’t reuse old brake fluid, and don’t bleed you brakes while the car is running.
• Step 7- Check to make sure everything fits and where is it should be, and that there are no leaks to work on. Wipe the area down with a rag, have your friend push down on the brake pedal, while you check one last time. Once you see that everything is good, you are good to go!
Changing the front Brake caliper on your Toyota Corolla can seem like it is going to be a difficult challenge to complete, but it is possible. Just keep looking at these specific steps, to help guide you during your DIY project with your brake calipers. With the right guide and solid willpower, you can replace your front brake caliper in no time.

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