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Replace Door Seals on Any Toyota, Lexus, Daihatsu

That cool winter chill or the whistle of a summer breeze is creeping its way into your car through a crack in the door seals. You have grown so accustomed to the noise and the chill that you have almost forgotten it is there. Finally, though, you open your door to head out about your day and suddenly, without warning, the rest of your door seal falls off. How do you replace your door seals and eliminate the uninvited air problem from your car door? Let us take a look at our DIY step-by-step guide, to help you get back to the air-tight seal of a time long gone.

  • First, you will want the necessary tools for completing this project. You will need a ratchet wrench, with a long extension bar, and a 10mm socket on the end. You will also need a pair of pliers, preferably needle nose, as those fit this project better than another kind of pliers. Once you have grabbed the right tools, it is time to move on to the next step.
  • Second, after seeing where the seals you need to, and or want to replace are at, you are ready to begin disassembling. For the door seals, you will need to remove the bolt that keeps the door from opening too wide.
  • Third, removing the door seals themselves is actually relatively easy, and normally can just be pulled right off door. It should just pop off the top, and then pull off little white or blue buttons on the side of the door. You can pull the buttons out with some pliers if they are stubborn.
  • Fourth, since we have removed the bolt from the door, pulling the rest of the door seal off should be an easy job. Just wrap the seal around the conjoined bolt area of the door and car.
  • Fifth, Now that the old seal has been removed, it is time to insert the new door seal. Snap the seal at the top corner first, while tucking the back side of the seal underneath the ridge of the door. Then, tuck in the front side under the small metal lip on the door. Do this on the top of the door first, then move your way down the side of the door, about halfway.
  • Sixth, now that you have reached the bolt from the start of the process, where you had removed it in order to swing the door farther, this is where you need to wrap the seal around. Slide the seal around the arm coming from the bolt and then snap the seal into the grooves.
  • Seventh, pop in the rest of the seal with your white or blue buttons, and then the outer seal is finished!
  • Eighth, the inner seal that is on the car itself is even easier to remove, as it pulls straight off. You will have to remove part of the trim, simply popping it off, then pull the seal free.
  • Ninth, adding the new door seal is easy as well. Line the corner of the seal at the corner of the car doorway and then move your way down and around the doorway, pushing in the seal. If it is too long you may have to cut it to size, although some seals come with a split so no cutting is necessary.
  • Tenth, all that is left is reinserting the trim piece and installing the bolt for the door. Once you have done this, just clean up your tools, check to make sure the seal is tight, and you are good to go!

Replacing your door seals is an easy DIY project that some places will overcharge you for. If you follow these simple steps in replacing your door seals, you will be well on your way to saving yourself money, and keeping the cold air outside.

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