How to Replace Transfer Case Oil (07-14 Toyota Tundra 4×4)


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Toyota Tundra 4x4 Transfer Case Maintenance. Easy!

If you are planning to replace your Toyota Tundra’s transfer case oil, you will want to follow this easy do-it-yourself guide that will help you change the oil with ease. This guide is specifically designed for Toyota Tundra 4x4s 2007-2014.

  • As you start this project, you will first want to head to a local auto parts store and pick up some 75W-90 gear oil (Check your maintenance manual to confirm type and quantity) and a fluid transfer pump, to replace the old oil. You will also need ratchets, 12 mm and 24 mm sockets, a torque wrench, and possibly a breaker bar. If you don’t already have one, you’ll need an oil drain pan, to catch the old oil and overflow from adding new oil, and some rags for cleanup. Once you have your tools and oil ready, go ahead and head on under your Toyota Tundra 4×4. When working under a car, be careful of the tight space and any dirt or oil falling from above you. Wear proper safety glasses and you may want to have a mat for laying on, while working under your vehicle.
  • Now that you are under your vehicle, looking at your transfer case, you will see the transfer case skid plate. It will be held in place by two to four 12 mm bolts. Use your 12 mm socket to take them out and pull the skid plate off.
  • Once your transfer case’s skid plate is off, you will want to switch the 12 mm socket out for the 24 mm. You may also want to switch to the breaker bar for taking out the transfer case drain and fill plugs, as they are usually exceptionally tight. When removing the first plug, the fill plug, it may have some oil drip down so have some rags or the oil pan ready to catch the oil. Once that has drained a little bit, it is time to remove the drain plug.
  • The drain plug has fluid behind it, so be sure to use caution when removing it. It is best to have the drain pan already in position, as there will be a lot more fluid behind the drain plug than there was behind the fill one. After setting the pan in position, use your breaker bar with the 24 mm socket to break the drain plug loose. Now that the plug is loose, slowly unscrew it as this will make it far easier in controlling the flow of the oil. This may take a little time to drain so while it is draining, prepare your new oil and transfer oil pump.
  • After it has finished draining, wipe the holes for the fill plug and the drain plug, and clean the drain plug magnet. Then, insert the drain plug back to its proper place. Torque it to 27 ft lbs. When the drain plug is tightened, you will now want to top off the oil with around 1.2 quarts. Do this by inserting the transfer pump hose into the fill hole, and allow the oil to fill until it starts coming out of the hole. Wipe off the excess oil on the edge of the hole and insert your fill plug. Torque the fill plug the same as the drain plug, at 27 ft lb.
  • You are now ready to reinstall the skid plate. You will want to apply Loctite to the skid plate bolts, to keep them from coming loose while driving. Tighten the bolts and you are good to go!

Replacing your transfer case oil is a do-it-yourself project that can be done in just a few minutes. Use these steps and you will be ready to give your vehicle the new transfer case oil, to keep your car maintained for all your future drives.

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