Oil Change – Should You Use Synthetic Oil?


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Oil Change – Should You Use Synthetic Oil?

Ever wondered if there was difference between synthetic oil and conventional oil, other than the price tag? There are many rumors and stories you may have heard about synthetic oil that may have portrayed it as either being useless, or worse, harmful to your engine. What is the real story, though? Is there really any difference that would make synthetic a good choice?

First, the price difference is explained by an actual product difference and not just some scam to get people to buy a so-called “premium” product. “Conventional” simply refers to its origin, that is, oil refined directly from crude petroleum, you know, the stuff that comes out of the ground. “Synthetic” oil is also exactly what the name implies, being synthesized from other sources, like methane, carbon monoxide, or carbon dioxide.

The question on everyone’s mind is, “Do the different ingredients and processes actually make a difference for your engine?” The benefits can result in a turnaround, making the cost not only worth it but in the long run save you more than you put in to pay for the synthetic oil.

For example:

  • Synthetic oil contains very few impurities which helps it last longer in your engine. This may seem like a less important reason to prove synthetic is worth getting. In reality though, if your oil lasts longer in your engine then oil changes aren’t needed as often. This can save you both time, money, and the hassle of changing your oil as frequently as if you had conventional oil.
  • According to Florida Synthetics, synthetic oil is more uniform in molecular structure which ultimately lets it flow allowing your engine to have more power and better fuel efficiency.
  • Synthetic oil can also dissolve contaminated particles left by oxidized and older conventional oils before it. This can result in a healthier engine, which means a longer-lasting engine.

Increasing your fuel efficiency can save you daily, lessening the amount of oil changes you have a year can save you annually, and improving your engines health can save you indefinitely! This can make the price of the synthetic oil more of an investment than an overcharge. What about all the negative reports about synthetic oil? Is there any reason why you shouldn’t use it instead of just sticking with conventional oil? There aren’t as many drawbacks to synthetic oil as you might think.

For example:

  • Many people believe that synthetic oil causes oil leaks, that weren’t there when they used conventional oil. Synthetic oil does flow better, which can lead to you finding old, faulty or failing oil seals. These should be replaced anyways and, if your car is maintained regularly, it is unlikely to cause a problem.
  • Many people believe that there car is just too old or just wasn’t maintained well before and so they don’t need to switch to synthetic. There are many aspects of synthetic oil that can make it worthwhile in practically any car or engine. Synthetic oil can still bring all the elements it brings to newer cars, like the better gas mileage, longer engine life, etc.

With the many benefits that synthetic oil brings to the table, it can be a valuable decision to switch to it on your next oil change. However, there are some reasons why switching may not be best for you or your car.

For example:

  • Synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional oil and even with all the long term benefits, it still is money out of your pocket right now. If you keep your engine maintained and regularly have your oil changed then you can keep your engine running well. The qualities of synthetic oil are designed to keep your engine running as efficiently as possible, and if you don’t have the ability to switch to synthetic right now then don’t feel like conventional oil will make your engine breakdown.
  • Some engines can’t actually take synthetic, and if this is the case, the benefits that synthetic has on other cars will not help these engines. If you aren’t sure what engine you have, talk with a mechanic or look it up in your manual.

As you can see there are reasons why you would want to switch to synthetic oil and reasons why you can’t. Having in mind the benefits of using synthetic oil will help you maintain your engine and keep your car running as efficiency as possible from oil change to oil change.

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